Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was passed in December 2015 with bipartisan congressional support. It replaced the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2002 and reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965. Despite some key changes in the law, the purpose remains the same: to ensure all students have equitable access to high-quality educational resources and opportunities, and to close educational achievement gaps.  For more information on ESSA please click here

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                               2017-2018 ESSA Accountability Profile.pdf 


Title I

The purpose of Title I is to provide all children with a significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable and high-quality education, and to help schools close educational achievement gaps.  For more information on Title 1 please click here

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OFAC NCLB Title I Audit Findings Report 2019 and Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

OFAC NCLB Title I Audit Findings Report 2019 and CAP  


New Jersey School Performance Report (NJSPR)

One of the major goals of the Department of Education is to increase school- and district-level accountability for educational progress by communicating useful information to members of the public to be used in measuring how well their schools are doing. The New Jersey School Performance Report has replaced the NJ School Report Card which provided the public with information about every school in New Jersey since 1995 when the Legislature mandated the annual accountability report.

We encourage you to examine your school’s performance report to decide for yourself whether your school is making satisfactory progress in helping your child meet the Common Core State Standards and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

2016-2017 NJ School Performance Report 

2017-2018 School Performance Report

2018 - 2019 School Performance Report

2019-2020 School Performance Report

Lead Testing

Lead Drinking Water Testing

A Lead Drinking Water Testing Sampling Plan was developed to test all drinking water outlets used for consumption or food preparation. The results of all water outlets at both campuses came back well below the action level of 15 part per billion with the exception of the playground water fountain at SNA Campus.  This outlet has been taken out of service until remedial measures are taken and another water sample is tested.  

 Robert Treat ESCNJ LDW Letter Report Testing 03 24 22.pdf